Including in all our plans of Lodging

Including in all our plans of Lodging

Free configuration of Server It leaves our experts make the configuration of your server, we formed them with the most efficient and safe parameters
FREE servers of Virus and Spam We count on the major staff and security systems as much in hardware and software to protect your site and post office of any cybernética threat. Matchless service of 5 layers: First defense with Magic Spam and Karspersky, eliminating 99% of the virus, trojans, malaware, phising and Spam avoiding that your server uses resources of space and processing, Second Premium Anti-virus Odin, Third: Protection SPF AntiSpam, Fourth: AntiSpam protection based on black lists of the DNS, Villa: Intelligent SpamAssassin protection that learns.
Failsafe servers Solid state disks in mirror, switchs superfluous, I connect doubles and equipment of high quality able to even continue all along operating and with faults of energy or physical damages, we have very good control and replacements of hardware to be able to always give the best service you, we can make maintenances and repairs maintaining the sites enlínea.
More than 18 years of experience in the market We have much experience and we have focused our resources in always offering you to the best service of lodging and post office updating to us major technology constantly


Sep 3rd Principle protection cotra Spam and Virus

Our security system protects to ours clietes every minute, each e-mail is reviewed in real time and of instatanea way to eliminate any ameaza of virus, phishing, troyans, Spam, scam, malaware, hoaxes. Thousands of post office are eliminated daily not to clear valuable time to our clients.

Statistics Anti Spam

June 10th The best one Anti Virus!

It pleases to us to inform that no of our clients was affected by the recent virus who I threaten to many companies, infected the WannaCry virus to hundreds of thousands of computers, but no computer was affected of our clients, this because our software anti Spam and anti-virus is updated hourly avoiding that any… To read More “