Principle protection cotra Spam and Virus

Our security system protects to ours clietes every minute, each e-mail is reviewed in real time and of instatanea way to eliminate any ameaza of virus, phishing, troyans, Spam, scam, malaware, hoaxes. Thousands of post office are eliminated daily not to clear valuable time to our clients.

Statistics Anti Spam

3rd Sep 2017
The best one Anti Virus!

It pleases to us to inform that no of our clients was affected by the recent virus who I threaten to many companies, infected the WannaCry virus to hundreds of thousands of computers, but no computer was affected of our clients, this because our software anti Spam and anti-virus is updated hourly avoiding that any… To read More “

10th June 2017
New radical improvements contr to the Spam

We are very happy to see the incredible results after the implementation of our tools of security. We are sure that it is the best solution Anti Spam of the market, we have formed of the optimal way for all our clients, who have reported a radical reduction of the Spam to the degree of almost not existing… To read More “

12th June 2016
Lets Encrypt Free in all the plans of hosting

With Lets Encrypt you can install certificates of security SSL in your website FREE. Lets Encrypt is a certification organization (CA) that allows him to create a gratuitous certificate SSL for its domain. The objective of Lets Encrypt and the protocol ACME is to do possible to form a server https and to cause that the Internet explorer trusts of… Reading More “

1st June 2016
Site Pro to builder available in all the plans of hosting

Site Pro Builder is an excellent tool that allows you to create your own website in a matter of minutes, tells that a great variety of Templates free that can be formed to give professional finishing him to your website, is very easy to use, do not require technical knowledge

4th Mayo 2016
Magic Spam in line

It pleases to us to announce that or we have formed and operating Magic Spam, which or this protecting to all our servers of hosting of virus, troyans, malaware, phishing and Spam, the great advantage in addition to his excellent protection is that it causes that the servers do not use resources of space and processing, Magic Spam uses his own resources… To read The more “

1st Apr 2016