Make Better Your Brows with Brow Lift

Plastic surgery is indeed a haven for people, maybe even for women. Which woman does not want to look attractive and looks young? Aging is an inevitable process, but many women still want to look younger than their age. Some of them will take the path to perform plastic surgery. Utah plastic surgeon will provide the best service for you who want to do plastic surgery.

One part that is often done plastic surgery is brow lift. Along with aging, a line of wrinkles may appear between the eyebrows. The lines of wrinkles between the eyebrows can make us look angry or too serious. Skin that loose can cause eyebrows appear to fall, the upper eyelid that down makes us look tired

The action will last for 90 minutes in a local anesthetic. The procedure is done by making 3-5 small incisions of 1-2 cm behind the hairline, then the excess skin is removed and the loosened muscles are tightened to get a more natural result.