The Benefit of Nitric Oxide for Health

In the beginning, scientist found out that nitric oxide could be used as an explosive. However, the efforts of scientists to develop nitric oxide do not end there. Since we know that sodium oxide is very strong and can lower blood pressure, the next research focuses on whether these molecules can be self-produced by the human body.

Then, in 1986, the scientist finally found out that apparently the arteries and veins can produce sodium oxide. This is a very important discovery because the body can produce molecules that can protect themselves from heart attacks and strokes. That fact is what makes nitric oxide able to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Because these two types of cardiovascular disease are usually caused by a blockage in the blood vessels. The study develops again to the stage of nitric oxide benefits in the body. Apparently, scientists found the molecule is not only important for the heart but also the whole body.